about us

about us

Bentley Coolers are designed specifically for the cooling of electrical, telecommunication, industrial systems and servers, which utilize an environmentally-friendly R134a condensation system to eliminate the heat generated by electronic equipment.

The high percentage of the cause of the failure of the electronic equipment and the drives and inverters, and … the high humidity of the environment and the heat inside the electricity and dust compartment, which leads to defects and stop production lines, or at a higher stage, the destruction and even the burning of boards Electricity will be

The Bentley cooling system with IP54, in addition to cooling the interior of the electrical panels, prevents any dust from penetrating into the panel by interrupting the internal airflow with the outside air (internal circulation of the air).

Bentley gas coolers absorb moisture in the panel air during the cooling operation and immediately dispose of the system by evaporation, thus causing the electrical panels to operate in very favorable conditions, which in addition to Increasing the life span of electrical components and equipment from stopping the production lines due to accidental breakdowns and increasing the efficiency of the system.

Our goal is to provide high quality products, to obtain customer satisfaction, to accompany the science of the day to the globalization of the country’s industry.

We are proud to have a small role in exporting our beloved country.

Bentley, together with the production of quality and diverse products, complies with international standards, with appropriate after-sales service, is ready to advise on the selection of relevant ventilation systems and accessories needed by various industrial units.

By checking and determining the capacity of the production line, industrial units can make a good choice to buy Bentley products